CYA 2019

Sue-Ellen and I were excited to jump in the car and head off on a road trip to Brisbane over the school holidays so I could experience my first ever CYA Conference. It didn’t disappoint.

What is the CYA Conference? It’s a weekend of workshops, panels, master classes, and the chance to meet and even pitch your stories to industry professionals for Children and Young Adult writers and illustrators.

With so much on offer it was hard to decide which workshops to attend, but deciding to divide and conquer, between us we managed to see as much of the conference as we could. And our brains were exploding with new information and ideas by the end.

To make it even more special, our very own Sue-Ellen Pashley was on the panel of CYA Success Stories and she got to share the amazing success she’s having with her beautiful children’s book, ‘The Jacket.’ Her parting message… to celebrate every success and milestone along the way. If you haven’t seen ‘The Jacket’ make sure you check it out at Dymocks or on her Facebook Page.

We also had the opportunity to meet many talented and creative writers and illustrators and ate way too much food. Here are a few snapshots of our weekend away:

We were both impressed at how smoothly run and professional the entire weekend was and look forward to future CYA Conferences!

L.J. Higgins

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