In the Dark of Night is coming!

CreativeINK’s first annual Anthology, In the Dark of Night, is releasing on the 9th of November and we know you’re going to love the stories written by our local 4680 authors. But, before you read the book, here’s a little about the authors and their stories.

L.J. Higgins
L.J. is one of our fantastic facilitators at Creative Ink. She writes fiction with an intriguing twist, stories that make you question the world around you and make you wonder, ‘what if?’ Her story, Lunar Eclipse, is a prequel to her science fiction adventure series, Skywatchers.
Lunar Eclipse Teaser:
Reece knows his volatile relationship with Tess isn’t good for him. With his life spiralling out of control he’s offered a second chance. But will it be worth the cost?


Sue-Ellen Pashley
Sue-Ellen is also one of our amazing facilitators who has always been a storyteller and a devourer of books. Her story, Bad Guy, is an urban fantasy which is a prequel to her yet to be released novel, Blue.
Bad Guy Teaser:
Penn must steal and lie to keep his brother safe. But sometimes there’s a fine line between being a bad guy and a hero and that might just change everything…


Cassie Laelyn
Cassie is borderline obsessed with the paranormal world and has a passion for crafting stories involving strong, otherworldly characters in need of redemption. This is evident in her paranormal story, Dark Knight, a prequel to her upcoming series, The Fallen Guardians.
Dark Knight Teaser:
When Adrian’s night at the bookstore takes an unexpected turn, he must unveil an ancient myth and reignite his battle to save the world.



DL Gallie
DL has lived in many places all over the world but she currently resides in Central Queensland. She’s also never been known to turn down a cocktail, especially a margarita. Her story, Daiquiri Dreams, is a romance that is a prequel to, Malt Me, Book one of the Liquor Cabinet Series.
Daiquiri Dreams Teaser:
It was the trip of a lifetime in so many ways, proving dreams really do come true… or do they?


Danielle Nolan
Danielle is currently working towards completing a collection of magical tales and her first novel. Her story, Cassiopeia, is an urban fantasy that shows her love for writing about magic.
Cassiopeia Teaser:
Jessop, a wishing star, heard Cassiopeia’s call for a sister and granted her wish. But now Cassiopeia has grown up and her sister is beginning to fade. Can Jessop save her before it’s too late?


Greg Bray
Greg has been ‘scribbling’ since the mid-90’s writing short stories, poetry, and biographies of friends. His paranormal story, In the Dead of Night, has a twist you won’t see coming.
In the Dead of Night Teaser:
In the dead of night Ray’s past comes back to haunt him. Can he face the things he’s done? Or is his past destined to forever torment him?

Paul Hammond
Inspired by a dream, Paul decided to take advantage of this opportunity to get creative by turning his dream into reality and writing his first novel. His story, Resilience, is a suspenseful horror that will keep you guessing until the end.
Resilience Teaser:
No one believes the messengers story of his horrific encounter, but if they don’t heed his warning of what lurks in the shadows it will lead to their demise… and possibly his own.


P. Ryall
P. Ryall’s personal motto and quote is, “look for the moments,” and she’s currently working on her debut novel, the first instalment in, The Magix Series, Refugees. Her story, Fall of the Aggaron, is a prequel to her upcoming fantasy series.
The Fall of the Aggaron Teaser:
It was supposed to be a day of celebration for the Aggaron… then the Huntowra attacked.


In the Dark of Night has something for everybody, and you can join all of our authors in celebrating the launch at the Gladstone City Library from 2pm – 3pm on Saturday, 9th November. For more information check out the Facebook Event.
To avoid disappointment please pre-order your copy by emailing us at




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