“Winning the Calliope Country Carnival Short Story competition gave me the confidence to submit my manuscript to publishers, which resulted in a contract for my debut novel, Unforsaken.” – Cassie Laelyn, author of The Fallen Guardians.


“A writer’s life is a lonely one, so finding support from a team who understand the highs and lows is invaluable. At Creative Ink, I found like-minded people who are motivating and encouraging whether it’s through feedback, beta reading, or brainstorming. Making those connections made a huge difference to my writing life.” – Dannielle Line


“The best thing about today was the fast bit where we all had to put in a part of a story so everyone gets a go.” – Creative Ink Workshop Attendee


“I enjoyed creating a character and story by looking at a picture and piece of clothing.” – Creative Ink Workshop Attendee


“I enjoyed planning out a story together because in school we don’t get to do that often.” – Creative Ink Workshop Attendee


“I enjoyed all of the exercises. Using the button as inspiration for character was really beneficial as was the story prompts and group story.” – Creative Ink Workshop Attendee


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