Workshops Adults (Ages 18-118)

Adults (Ages 18-118)

Below are the current Adult workshops we run at Creative Ink and a brief overview of what you can expect with each one. If you’d like a more detailed overview please contact us via the Contact Us page. Can’t find a workshop you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll strive to create a workshop that suits your needs.


  • Understanding the Teenage Brain – Creating Authentic Teen Characters

The teenage brain is amazing and tumultuous…and still developing! This workshop explores why teenagers do the things they do from a psychological perspective – choices, risk taking, emotions and love – and looks at how we can use this to create complex characters that readers will love.


  • Creating Compelling Characters Through Psychology

Short: Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour. This course will show how you can use psychology and psychological tools to create characters that compelling and congruent rather than clichéd. How has you character become the person they are? What do they do when no one is looking? And why do they make the choices they do?

Longer: What makes a character human? How can we make sure we are creating real people in stories rather than just clichés? This workshop will make use of psychological tools and principles to help create characters that are authentic and congruent. It will explore the psychological development of a character trying to find their place in their world with all their experiences and traumas. Having a deeper understanding of our characters means they can become people our reader will want to keep reading about. What is their backstory? How has their personality developed to be the person they are in your story? What does your character do when no one is looking? And why do they make the choices they do?
Approx: 120mins

*Sue-Ellen has studied in both psychology and social work and has been a counsellor for 24 years. She’s had 4 works published and brings her knowledge and experience to help participants look at character development from a different perspective.


  • The Creative Brain – How to use Neuroscience to ensure Good Mental Health as an Author.

The ‘ups’ that come with being an author can be fantastic. But the ‘downs’- rejections, writer’s block, self-doubt, burnout – can be hard to overcome and can affect our mental health. Using our knowledge of neuroscience – how the brain works – the course will explore how we can ensure good mental health as a writer, both now and in the future.

Available as a 60min or 3hr workshop.


  • Playing at being God: Effective and Fun World Building (and how much do you need to do)

Short: World building is an important element of any story and, when done well, can become a character its own right. But how can you ensure that your world, whether it’s real, alternative or imaginary, makes sense and is a good foundation for characters and plot?
Approx: 45-60mins

Long: Effective world building is an important foundation of any story. This course will help participants to look at the different elements of world building, employing strategies and ideas in order to create a fictional world that still makes sense and can become its own ‘character’ within the story. It will explore possibilities for creating and expanding on imaginary worlds, alternative realities and real locations, and will provide participants with strategies, information and checklists to help them get this right
Approx: 120mins


  • How to Write a Story

Have an idea for a story but unsure where to start? This workshop covers everything you need to know to map it out. Covering basic story structure, character arcs, and other elements that create a compelling story, after participating in this workshop you’ll be sure to have all of the tools you need to get your ideas down on the page.
Approx: 120mins


  • How to Self-Publish

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to self-publish your book? Creative Ink covers all bases with their ‘How to self-publish’ workshop.
Approx: 120mins



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