Workshops Teen (Ages 11-17)

Below are the current Teen workshops we run at Creative Ink and a brief overview of what you can expect with each one. If you’d like a more detailed overview please contact us via the Contact Us page. Can’t find a workshop you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll strive to create a workshop that suits your needs.


  • Genre Blitz: 6 Genres in one session!

This fun workshop gives budding writers the chance to learn about an array of different genres. From Romance to Fantasy, Science Fiction to Paranormal, it will help them try something new while discovering what genres they prefer to write in.
Available as 60min talk or 3hr interactive.


  • Jump Starting the Muse

This workshop will help young writers make friends with their inner muse. Full of activities to stimulate the imagination and jump start the creative brain, participants will come away with many possible story ideas and the ability to draw inspiration from their everyday lives.
Available as a 60min talk or 3hr interactive.


  • Playing at Being God – Effective and Fun World Building (and how much do you need to do)

Short: World building is an important element of any story and, when done well, can become a character its own right. But how can you ensure that your world, whether it’s real, alternative or imaginary, makes sense and is a good foundation for characters and plot?
Approx: 45-60mins

Long: Effective world building is an important foundation of any story. This course will help participants to look at the different elements of world building, employing strategies and ideas in order to create a fictional world that still makes sense and can become its own ‘character’ within the story. It will explore possibilities for creating and expanding on imaginary worlds, alternative realities and real locations, and will provide participants with strategies, information and checklists to help them get this right
Approx: 120mins


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